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Animalia – The Animal Kingdom


By on December 16, 2017


Animalia is without doubt the most impressive Kingdom in the world, which comprises of a large portion of the most noticeable organisms on the planet. There are roughly 9 or 10 million organisms in the animal kingdom, ranging in size from just a couple of cells, to animals over 30m in length.

The bodies of Animalia are made up of cells that are organised into distinct tissues. These tissues perform specific functions, such as digestion. Animals are multi-cellular organisms, getting their nutrition either directly, or indirectly, via other organisms (heterotophs). Most ingest their food into an internal digestive cavity.  Animals are also capable of complex and rapid movement when compared to Plants (Plantae). A distinct difference between the two groups of Eukaryotes is that Plants make their own food (Autotrophs) and also have a rigid cell wall, which is lacking in Animals.

Below, you can find a list of all the different groups of animals that can be found on The Great Barrier Reef.


Phylum – Fancy science word for the next level of classification