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Tetraodontiformes – Puffer and Trigger Fishes


By on May 12, 2018


The order of Tetraodontiformes, includes the Puffer Fishes, Box Fishes and Trigger Fishes. Whilst they show great diversity in their appearance, they do have a number of similarities. Firstly, they all have a small number of large teeth, or fused tooth plates. These are sometimes used to make sounds by grinding them together. This group are also capable of making sounds by vibrating their swim bladders. Most species in this Order have modified scales, providing protection in the form of spines, ossicles, or plates.1,2

There are 10 Families in this Order and around 430 species found worldwide. A select  few even inhabit fresh water environments.1,2

You can find a list of Families of Tetraodontiformes found in The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, below.

Family – A lower level of taxonomic classification, grouping together species that show many similarities

INSERT LATIN NAME HERE Balistidae – Trigger Fishes

Diodontidae – Porcupine Fishes

Molidae – Sun Fishes

INSERT LATIN HERE Monacanthidae – Leatherjackets and File Fishes

Ostraciidae – Box Fishes

INSERT LATIN HERE Tetraodontidae – Puffer Fishes

Triacanthidae – Tripod Fishes

Triodontidae – Three-Toothed Puffer